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BLS - CPR for Friends and Family
CPR for Family and Friends is a modular course that teaches lay rescuers skills in CPR and relief of FBAO in the responsive victim. The course presents information about the AHA adult Chain of Survival and signs of heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, and choking in adults; information on the AHA pediatric Chain of Survival, signs of choking in infants and children, prevention of the most common fatal pediatric injuries, and reduction in the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
Intended Audience
All lay rescuers, such as schoolchildren, family members of patients at risk for sudden cardiac death, and other laypersons who want to learn rescue skills for loved ones.
CEMEC Consultants
Rick Brown ‹RN,CEN,BSN›
Sue Schaad ‹RN,MSN CCRN›
  Course Cost: $50

Course Length: 4 Hours

Card Type: No Card Issued

Exam: None
CPR for Family and Friends Provider Manual

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